Paolo Boselli

Individualistic Estate-Bottled Italian Fine Wines

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              Grappa di Moscato
“Nothing Short of Divine”
Paolo Marolo creates this distinctive grappa from the fresh pomace of Piemontese Moscato grapes fermented immediately after crushing. The distillation process retains the richness of the aromas and the freshness of the grapes, producing a grappa with an intense and vivacious fragrance, a broad array of full flavors on the palate, and a soft and persistent finish.For a special treat, it is served in a frosted glass, straight from the freezer. Marolo elevates the gappa genre to new heights of refinement!

F. Paul Pacult, in his Spirit Journal, perceives in Marolo’s Moscato Grappa “the unique fragrant thumbprint of orangey/flowery moscato....a graceful, subtle bouquet of elegance and harmony...the orange-kissed flavor of the midpalate is nothing short of divine; the aftertaste is serene, polite, firm, spirity, and intensely fruity; a real gem of a grappa.”

Grappa & Camomile
“Liqueur of the Year...A Major Liqueur Discovery!”
                     - F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal

Marolo’s meticulously hand-crafted Grappa & Camomile is a liqueur obtained from the infusion of camomile blossoms in grappa made from fresh and carefully selected Piemontese Nebbiolo grapes. The camomile flowers are picked when fully mature, then dried in the shade, left to steep for 11 months in the grappa and filtered. A time-honored tradi- -tion of the Langhe hills -- the land of Barolo and Barbaresco - is transported to a new realm of elegance.

F. Paul Pacult gave Marolo’s Grappa & Camomile a five-star rating and found it “warm, inviting, and totally luscious...one of the best liqueur experiences I’ve had the past year or two...a major liqueur discovery!” Hailed as Liqueur of the Year (1998) in Pacult’s Spirit Journal.

              Grappa di Barolo
“Amazingly Elegant -- A Top Drawer Grappa”
Maestro Grappaiolo Paolo Marolo creates this special blend from grappas distilled from selected fresh Nebbiolo grape pomace of the incomparable wine of Barolo. Aging the grappas 36 to 42 months in wood before blending (30% in 600-liter acacia barrels and 70% in 228-liter oak barriques) imparts a lovely straw color, a deeply ample aroma, and enormous full-flavored character balanced by velvety smoothness.”

F. Paul Pacult, in his Spirit Journal, finds in Marolo’s Grappa di Barolo “...a seriously seductive bouquet that’s on the mark from start to finish...this grappa offers multilayered tastes...one of the more complex grappa flavor experiences I’ve come across in the past two years...a flavor banquet of fruit and spirit; the finish is....amazingly elegant; a top drawer grappa that deserves a wide audience.

Grappa di Brunello
              “Ideal Purity....Fresh and Alluring”
                     - F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal
Marolo fashions a fabulously refined grappa from selected Sangiovese pomace of Brunello di Montalcino. The pomace is transported to the distillery -- from vineyards that produce some of Italy’s greatest and longest-lived red wines -- immmediately after crushing, to preserve optimum freshness. The exquisite rich flavors of the Sangiovese grape come through with vividness, roundness and elegance.

F. Paul Pacult writes glowingly about Marolo’s Brunello grappa in Spirit Journal: “Crystal clarity, ideal purity...a scent that’s both fresh and alluring...this bouquet keeps my attention riveted....comely flavors...the aftertaste is very long...with a dash of sassy spice...very nicely made grappa with a wonderful element of genuine pizazz.”